Helping a new FPS- MOBA game level up its branding

AEY Studios are a fresh-on-the-scene indie game studio with a great idea for a new video game. They wanted us to help them turn heads by giving their game a chart-topping visual identity.

We designed a blockbuster brand identity with a head-turning colour palette that allows DFUSE to stand out from its competitors on game marketplaces. We rolled this out across all touchpoints, from designing the game art to merchandising and digital marketing.

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Group 38281

We grounded their logo with a unique emblem, depicting an abstract take on a mask (a central mechanic in their game). Bespoke lettering was also created, paying close attention to the emblem's form to deliver a sharp and impactful logo. We also gave DFUSE a vibrant and striking colour palette, to ensure it cut through its crowd of competitors.

7. Steamdeck
12. Laptop stickers

We were given access to some of the game's character models and assets, which enabled us to create varying 3D assets to market the game on social media.

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