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Thryve is a Berlin-based wearable tech company working in partnership with health insurers and government organisations to analyse and process health data collected through apps and smart wearables. Thryve needed their new website to be focused on their target audience, and able to quickly build trust with (despite their industry) people who do not necessarily have a deep knowledgeable about the technology.



We knew that to appeal to Thryve’s target audience the website should reference both tech and healthcare aesthetics. We developed a palette of cool blues alongside softer, more human colours to position Thryve as a tech-driven medical company that cares. Layouts were kept clean and simple, with a focus on making the technology easy to understand through illustrations. The illustrations demonstrate how the technology works, how easily data can be securely accessed and used, and how working with Thryve ensures that privacy or data regulations are never compromised .

A symbol of change not
a change of symbol

As this was not a rebrand we were tasked in giving the brand a new lease of life through the existing logo elements. We based our designs around the connectedness of the brand hexagon icon. Not only did we use it through the illustrations and layouts we also ensured a harmonious brand by mirroring the rounded corners of the hexagon throughout all website elements including the buttons and typography.

Custom illustrations

We created bespoke illustrations to communicate Thryve’s technology. The illustration style blends a technical style with the over all clear and clean communication goal.


Clean and clear layout design

We made sure that the widget was responsive meaning that once built, it could be deployed across a range of banner sizes.
This solution reduced maintenance time and increased consisteny.


Colours that show empathy
and trust

We needed to communicate that Thryve is not just a tech company focused on tech. That that they a focused on their end goal of improving peoples quality of life, that people are more important to them than data. To do this we introduced a soft and human colour palette to show Thryve’s empathetic approach.

thryve - three block 1
thryve - three block 3

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