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Datatecnics provide nanotechnology and IoT solutions for monitoring water supplies. They are an innovator in a traditional market sector and needed a way to communicate their complex technology solutions through a brand that is persuasive to their traditional and risk-averse audience.


Our process

From our conversations with Datatecnics we quickly realised that their technology can revolutionise their industry – but this needed explaining. This made the process we needed to take clear; first to gain a deep understanding of how this technology works, then develop a visual language that communicates this in a relatable, and easy to understand way.



We felt that a clean and simple visual language for Datatecnics would be key to communicating their offering. We developed a range of bespoke illustrations for Datatecnics’ based upon technical drawings. This style formed the bases of the website designs.


Interactive illustrations

We wanted to clearly show how Datatecnics’ technology can be integrated into a water system. To do this we created an interactive water network diagram as part of the new website – with clickable hotspots to show how the technology could be applied in relatable terms.


Beyond this we ensured that the website communicated the technologies USPs, company vision, client testimonials and careers and offers a point of contact.

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A brand beyond the website

The visual language that we developed was not just limited to the website. The illustrations provided us with a set of assets that were a base for brand patterns, icons and more that we used to create a compelling investor presentation.

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