Launching the ultimate IoT wellbeing products with 3D animation

Plunge are a California-based company specialising in the design and build of high-end consumer wellbeing products, including IOT-connected cold plunge pools and saunas. When it came to launching new products, they looked to Battalion to create stand-out videos for social and online.

Working with technical CAD models for each of their products, we meticulously added additional details including wood panelling, heaters and stones, temperature units and display animations, steam and water, replicating and crafting each product in photographic detail. To-date 3D animations we’ve created for Plunge include a suite of slow-motion reverse breakaway videos of their sauna, showcasing their benefits, flexibility, and ease of build; a video for the launch of their Evolve Collection of cold plunges, showcasing the full product range using a mix of branded lighting, close-up details, and shifting floors; social teasers for the launch of their All-In tub.

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