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Fridai is the worlds first AI voice assistant, developed specifically for gamers.

Formerly called Hallidai after the fictitious coder and CEO of the eponymous corporation featured in the novel “ready player one“, a new name had been chosen “fridai” after Tony stark, Ironman’s virtual assistant in the marvel comics. While the name and primary colour scheme were in place at the beginning of the project our role was to design not only a logo for the company as a whole but one that could also be a visual representation of the A.I. interface.

An avatar of sorts in the vein of other AI assistants currently on the market, such as Google assistant, Siri and Microsoft Cortana.
Fridai needed messaging guidelines and a website design which would communicate the value of the app and promote its onboarding within the gaming community.

Our process

Fridai were targeting a single community with a common interest – gaming. We knew that to create a brand that would be embrace we needed a strong understanding of the gamers themselves and the community they exist in. We worked to get ‘under the skin’ of the full matrix of gamers, from die-hard professionals to casual players – developing knowledge of their rituals, in-jokes, references and emotional insights. From this understanding, we were able to create Fridai’s visual identity, messaging, a relatable TOV and key visuals that spoke to gamers.



Drawing on our learnings about the gaming community, we created a brand that leveraged gamers insider references to cult games and characters to create an authentic connection.

From this strategic point, we created messaging and visual guidelines which then informed the creation of bespoke content for Fridai’s website

Gaming characters feature_option 1

A brand mark that
really connects

We wanted the identity that we created to cleanly translate into the product UI. The Fridai brand mark can be clean and graphic or come to life!

Developing a consistent
visual identity

The final logo, logotype, website design and avatar were produced in weeks. The impact on the brand as a whole has been huge, our design work has provided a consistent style that can be used across all assets and channels. Quickly raising the brand from a scruffy start-up to fully-fledged industry up-and-comers.

Image 1


We translated the branding into website designs that would appeal to Fridai’s target audience.

Img -1
Top View iPad Pro 2018 Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics
Img 3


Fridai has gone on to secure substantial funding, grow an avid user base and have been selected as Product Hunt’s product of the day twice!

Professional, efficient and produced something beyond what we could have envisioned; all while staying well within our budget and timeline. I would work with them again in a heartbeat.

Adam, Fridai COO

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