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Our work is purposeful – with strategy at the core of everything we do.

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Our clients have big dreams and need help with making their budgets go as far as possible. So we are tactical with every step, making strategic moves that help our clients reach their goals within budget. Battalion approaches each project with foresight and care, starting with the overall target and strategy of the brand, we pour over the angles and create a brief that fits.

The individual pieces are then machined and placed into the brand structure as a whole, resulting in a consistent presence, from the logo, your message, digital channels and beyond.

We’re a small team of experts – for a reason!

You need to use the resources you have to create the most value, which means being focused on making the core business run.

So you’re going to need a reliable external team who is as passionate about the work as if it was their own. You don’t want to have a kick-off meeting with rock star executives, who leave your brand in the inexperience hands of juniors, and you never see them again.

Our senior team ensures a consistent point of contact, and that your project will be worked on by those with the experience to provide the solutions you need.

How we work


The success of our work comes from a deep understanding; this means that before we start creating, we begin researching. Our research gives us a clear understanding of your target market, your competitor landscape, your company goals and your offering, culture and history.

We know that outstanding value propositions are built from a robust set of customer insights – knowing what the customer wants and articulating the value proposition in a way that strongly resonates with them.

We are invested for the long-term!

One of the reasons working with businesses at the start of their journey is so rewarding is meeting people with a big vision – and there is nothing more exciting than developing strategies or designs that make it happen.

And the thing is, once we get going, we’re with you for the long haul. Which is why for us, when a project has wrapped it isn’t goodbye.

We want to keep in touch – to see how it’s going and make sure the work we have done is paying off. Sure it means a few hours that aren’t billable giving advice, suggestions or supply extra design. But hey, what are partners for!

No middlemen

Our design process includes close collaboration with and direct channels of communication to the creative team working on your project so you can offer feedback and instruction as to any changes you would like to see.

Make sure it's unique

The attention economy has never been so saturated. We know how important it is to stand out from your competition. Once we have created a strong value proposition based on research and knowledge we ensure that any creative is exceptional and inspired.

We are early adopters – in line with new ways of working.

With teams now spread across countries and timezones, we know how important it is to have flexible access to your brand bible. Our digital guidelines allow you to keep the highest standards of consistency and creativity within your brand communications.

We have successfully delivered hundreds of projects entirely remotely. Although if given a chance we are more than happy to meet with you whenever you please.

Results-focused and data driven

Great branding and design are worth nothing without tangible results.

With our data-driven attitude and love of research, every single person on the Battalion team is committed to giving our best to ensure you get the results you need. Whether that’s securing investors, establishing your product or building a loyal customer base.

Start up Mindset

Battalion often works with new and innovative companies, a lot of which are still in their scale-up phase – and the mentality that is needed to succeed is exceptional.

We apply it to our own processes to deliver success.

We believe a start-up mentality means doing these four things:

Know your customers deeply
Focus on results
High-quality decisions are made quickly
Be the first to embrace external trends

We embrace this philosophy to help our clients to achieve their mission.

Want to see how we can work with you?

Our audit brings an objective assessment and analysis of your current marketing components. Messaging, positioning and design aesthetics will be reviewed and analysed by our team to identify the best opportunities for you to build a stronger brand.

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