What do you want in a battalion?

A talented team that has the skills that you need to achieve your goals? Sure! But you want more; you want them to be loyal because you are trusting them with your life. To act with precision because there isn’t time for mistakes. You need them to understand that live (lihoods) are at stake. You need them to be strong when it’s tough and to be committed to fighting for what matters.

To act with honour when they represent you, and to be tactical and strategic to win the day!

Battalion stands alongside our clients and doesn’t let them down. We dare always to do our best when we know our clients need us.

It is a mission Battalion is committed to, and we will not fail.

Our promise

When working with us, there will always be responsive communication. Any output will be performed to a high standard by our senior team who have the experience and knowledge to provide the level of quality that you need to make an impact.

Katy - Managing Director
Harry - Senior Creative & Studio Manager
Zak - Senior Developer
Zach - Senior Developer
Natasha - Client Relationship Director
Amy - Executive Assistant
Their prototyping, market research and expertise in the tech start up arena are amazing, they provide so much more than branding. We can’t thank them enough and look forward to exciting times with them!
Jason, Veya Founder

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