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Videos place in online strategy

Video is an important part of any companies online strategy, effective videos add depth and convey emotion in a way that is unmatched by text, and on the more technical side videos attract the attention of search engines’ SEO protocols. A good video saves time while reaching a broad audience, a bad one can quickly make your company look amateur, an especially bad one, will turn you into a laughing stock. Lesson being, good videos are the key to success, your future, and a mansion filled with counterfeit Ming dynasty furniture.

Our video skills

Battalion’s strength lies in our specialist video creatives. We have worked on videos for HP, SoundCloud and Hello Fresh and many other companies, we can do anything and everything, whenever and wherever. That being said, realistically our main skills at the moment lie in viral content, music promos, event videos and documentary style work.

Our philosophy

Our work is innovative and filmic, without losing the message in a wash of blurry focus pulls and odd camera angles. The story comes first, the excellent visuals later, but they will be excellent.

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