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Branding and Graphic Design

Creating your visual language

We believe that a successful brand comes at the point where craftsmanship marries with intelligence; it is the intentional framing of your identity in a way that speaks to your audience. An effective brand communicates a clear story.

Each aspect of your image has meaning, so our comprehensive branding and design approach considers every part. From the logo through to iconography we ensure they work together to communicate your brand positioning, personality and strategy.

Our Process

The process we take to create a meaningful and effective brand identity can be broken into four stages.


We think collaboration produces better results. That’s why we work more like a partner than an agency: honest, challenging and ready to ask difficult questions. We begin every project with a discovery workshop – it gives us a deeper understanding of your brand and your customers. That helps us build together a brand that not only looks great but that resonates and connect with your audience.


We think that success is built on deep understanding. This means that before we start designing we begin researching. Our research gives us a clear understanding of your target markets, the competitor landscape, your project goals and your company’s offering, culture and history.


The information we collect in the exploration stage is carefully analysed. We refine, alter and simplify — creating clearly defined objectives and a firm understanding of what drives customer behaviours and decisions.

We are now able to assign direction and give your brand purpose. Key insights focus our strategy and form a basis for creative with meaning.


This is where your brand comes to life as strategy is translated into a tangible, coherent identity.

We start wide, exploring creative territories to find a unique brand personality. Through visuals and language, we craft a brand which connects with your target audiences, and to ensure success, we are always measuring against our defined objectives as we go.

Make sure it’s unique

Whatever we are producing we ensure that is it unique. It is essential to your success that you stand head and shoulders above your competition which is why we think this is so important.

We believe that brilliant ideas will always go somewhere.

But when you take a brilliant idea and partner it with great design and strategy… then it becomes an unstoppable force.

So, with Battalion,
your ideas can take you anywhere.

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