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OfCourseMe partner with companies to help enable their employees, regardless of age, ability or skill, to reach their full potential through customised, on-demand, self-training paths.

OfCourseMe take a consultative approach, their experts work side-by-side with internal teams to curate, integrate and analyse learning solutions that not only meet companies needs and educate workforces, but establish lifelong learning behaviours.
After rapid growth OfCourseMe had a clearly identified target audience they needed to engage to help their company grow – now they needed a brand that both appealed to this audience and represented the company they had become.


Our process

We kick-off all of our branding projects with a brand workshop, getting to know the company goals, target audience, personality, competitors and history. This provided us with a key insight:

They needed to represent the learning unique, flexible, customisable and varied learning pathways OfCourseMe creates.

With this in mind we started the branding process with the logo mark, creating a simple and modern mark that integrated a pathway in the form of a typographic ligature joining the ‘m’ and ‘e’. This pathway then was then worked through every element of the brand.


The pathways
provided direction

We needed to communicate that the routes we take in life often change and adjust as we go, so why can’t learning development paths? This rationale naturally evolved into the creation of meandering interacting lines; emphasising the idea of differing development paths.

OFM lines@2x


OfCourseMe needed to shift their messaging to a more empathetic, transparent and integral tone. Through messaging workshops, we developed a much more modern and approachable style that fits the brands new image.

Social Posts_Message Img 2
OFM - language graphic-03
OFM - logo detail

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