HelloFresh deliver weekly recipes and fresh ingredients straight to subscribers’ doorsteps, so cooking delicious, quick, and healthy meals at home is only the click of a button away.

HelloFresh wanted a digital campaign to promote their recipe boxes to a wider audience and convince new customers of the simplicity, convenience and versatility of HelloFresh.


To promote a limited time offer on their recipe boxes, we designed and developed an online recipe generator widget. The smooth user experience of clicking through a simple 3-step process demonstrated how simple HelloFresh can be! These three clicks then showed uses a wide range of inspiring recipes from HelloFresh demonstrating the services versatility – along with a special discount on the normal meal-kit subscription price to boost conversions.

Clean and intuitive user interface

Working within the robust HelloFresh guidelines we focused on delivering a clean and simple UI that would result in a delightfully simple UX.

Custom illustration

We created a set of bespoke icons, to represent each of the food types included in the widget making it simple to understand and easy to translate!

Responsive design and development

We made sure that the widget was responsive meaning that once built, it could be deployed across a range of banner sizes. This solution reduced maintenance time and increased consisteny.

Flexible white label solution

The widget was also created so that the UI elements can be slitty and quickly changed. This allowed other retailers to work with it, increasing the value of the widget as a marketing tool for HelloFresh.

Their team got our vision from day one. The team’s passion, change and innovation-driven mindset helped make the launch a memorable experience for our customers, partners and investors.
Milda Skladaityte, Authenteq Head of Marketing

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